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Update: Ashtead Level Crossing – Planned Renewal Works

I am writing to update you regarding forthcoming renewal work at Ashtead level crossing to improve the long term reliability of our equipment.

We will be carrying out the majority of work at the crossing from 15 to 30 July this year to replace barrier machines, booms (barrier gates) and circuitry.

A drop-in session for local residents will be held on 21 February, from 12:00 to 18:00, at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall to update on our work schedule, provide further information on what work will be carried out, answer any questions and discuss any concerns. You or another member of the office are most welcome to attend the event on 21 February, if that would be of interest.

We have issued a press release on the works.

Further, properties near to the crossing and properties north of the crossing (around 700) will also receive a notification letter setting out the works schedule well in advance and contact information for the Network Rail helpline, should they have any concerns or questions to raise. I have attached a copy of the resident notification letter for your information.

For background information, full road closures at the level crossing site, on Woodfield Lane, in July have already been discussed with Surrey County Council, but are still to be agreed. The draft timetable for closures is set out below and there will be no vehicular access over the crossing during full road closures (except in emergencies – see below).

  • From 15 to 21 July: Full road closure from 23:00 to 06:00 and multi-way traffic lights in operation from 06:00 to 23:00.
  • From 23 to 30 July: Full road closure from 23:00 to 06:00 and multi-way traffic lights in operation from 06:00 to 23:00.

In order to prepare the site for works we will also need to carry out work ahead of July to install CCTV cables, dismantle the brick lineside building and install a new building for equipment. We have agreed with the local authority that multi-way traffic lights will be used at the level crossing site on the following dates:

  • 29 January from 00:01 to 06:30 – To undertake surveys and CCTV cable installation.
  • 12 February from 00:01 to 16:00 – To dismantle a brick building.
  • 18 February 00:01 to 07:30 – To install a temporary equipment cabinet.
  • 2 April from 01:00 to 06:30 – To install protection for road cables.
  • 13 May from 23:00 to 13:00 on 14 May – To install protection for track cables.

And full road closures at the site of the crossing have been agreed on the following dates:

  • 18 March from 23:00 to 07:00 on 19 March – To install protection for road cables.
  • 19 May from 23:00 to 04:00 on 22 May – To install an equipment building.

Access arrangements for pedestrians during full road closures will be via the stepped footbridge to the west of the station, the station footbridge and a step-free underpass by St. Stevens avenue (‘Cattle Creep’) east of the station. Wheelchair users will be able to use the crossing with assistance from staff on site while the road is fully closed. Access for emergency services to properties to the north of the level crossing will also be provided during full road closures.

We are looking into organising free parking at Ashtead station during road closures and a taxi service on the north side of the crossing to take residents from the station to their homes. I will update you again on this.

I hope this update is helpful and as ever if you have any questions please do let me know.

Many thanks.


Aeneas Tole

Public Affairs Manager (Wessex), Network Rail