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Oyster & Contactless – Epsom Station 2019

Dear constituent

It has taken far far more time than I would have wanted, but I am writing to let you know that the promise made by Southern Rail at the start of its franchise to introduce Oyster and Contactless Cards to Epsom and a group of stations in Hertfordshire is finally going to happen.

For passengers […]

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Oyster Card – Epsom Station

I had a letter from the Minister just before Christmas confirming that this is being worked on now, and whilst she did not this time give me a timetable for the change, she did promise me that officials are on the case and that it was her intention that it would happen and that she […]

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Oyster Card – Epsom Station

I had been expecting Oyster Cards to arrive in Epsom in September 2015, as told to me by Govia Thameslink, the company that runs the station. Sadly, this didn’t happen – and I am not best pleased. The delay has arisen from complications in introducing Oyster elsewhere on the network which are now being […]

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Oyster Card coming to Epsom Station

I am writing to let you have some good news about the campaign to get Epsom into the Oyster Card area. I have just received confirmation from Southern, who run Epsom Station, that they have agreed with the Department for Transport as part of their new franchise agreement, that Oyster Cards will become […]

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Epsom Station – Smart Card

Chris  and representatives from Southern Railway Ltd launched the new Smart Card, The Key, at Epsom Rail Station in May

Over the coming months the key will become available at more Southern stations and exciting new ticket types will be introduced. Take a look at what is available now on the Southern website and whether you […]

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Zone 6 – May 2013

I met both Southern and South West Trains on Friday to discuss the Zone 6 for Epsom option. Both are sympathetic to the idea, though there are some significant barriers – not least the cost of a change. They have agreed to go away and do some joint work on the issue and to come […]

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Epsom Station – Zone 6

Chris Grayling met with Transport Minister Norman Baker this week to discuss extending Zone 6 to include Epsom station.  Mr Baker was sympathetic to the issue raised, and has agreed to write to the Train Companies giving them permission to enter into detailed discussions about the possibility of moving Epsom into Zone 6. Nothing can […]

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Epsom Station Zone 6 – 5th Dec 2012

Chris Grayling has been told by Southern, the train company which operates Epsom Station that is has no objection in principle to Epsom being moved into zone 6, as long as a deal can be done which means that there is a fair distribution of fare income so it doesn’t lose out as a result. […]

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Epsom Station Zone 6 – 2nd Nov 2012

2nd November 2012

MP Chris Grayling has pledged his continued commitment to get Epsom into Zone 6, saying he has set the wheels in motion for ‘a battle he wants Epsom to win’.
In July, Southern rail company, which has the franchise to run services through Epsom, said it was “willing to work towards” getting the station […]

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