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Dear constituent

I am writing to you with a short further update on Coronavirus issues.

Firstly, I know that a number of people are still concerned about leaving home at the moment because of health concerns. I would reassure you that the risk posed by the virus is currently much lower than it was in the spring, and whilst everyone still needs to take great care and maintain social distancing, the level of infection in Surrey is very low indeed. As long as you take care, it is no longer necessary or desirable for people to shut themselves away at home still.

If you are one of those who have been shielding, the recommendations change from the end of this month. The details of the latest recommendations are here. They explain what is now thought to be safe and what you can do after August 1st.

Sport and Recreation

As you may know, local gyms are now allowed to open again, as are most of the rest of the businesses that have been closed. I know there are concerns about some of the rules that still apply, and where I think that it would be sensible to make changes, I am raising concerns with the responsible ministers. Please do feel free to contact me if you have concerns about the way the new rules are working.

The guidance for gyms and sports facilities is here.

And here is the guidance for people on other sports and recreation.

Local Restaurants

Finally, I will be updating my website to highlight which local restaurants are taking part in the Government discount scheme in August. If you are one of those, please let me know and I will publish a list later this month.

In the meantime please do use our local pubs and restaurants. It’s important that we get their businesses going again, albeit making sure that everyone keeps to the social distancing guidelines.

With best wishes