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Dear constituent

I am writing to you with a further coronavirus update.

You will be aware that the Prime Minister announced yesterday that the Government will start to ease the restrictions from March 8th onwards. Full details of the plan are here.

and about the return to schools here.

I have though included below a couple of graphics which summarise the plans for you. I hope these are helpful.

Infection Rates in Surrey

The level of infections in our area is continuing to reduce, which is good news, though there are still a significant number of patients with the virus in local hospitals.

The latest information about infection rates in Surrey is here.

Vaccination Programme

The local vaccination programme is progressing well. At the moment people from 65 to 69 plus those with designated health conditions are being given the vaccination. The next age group, people between 60 and 64, are getting  invitations in  the coming days. To remind you, you will either receive a letter from the NHS asking you to book an appointment online or by phone, or you will receive a message directly from your local GP practice. All those over 50 or with health conditions are on track to be given a first vaccination by mid-April.

There was some confusion last week at the racecourse about end-of-day surplus vaccines. I have been asked by the local NHS to stress that they are not giving vaccinations without appointments. There have also been reports of younger age groups being vaccinated elsewhere. The programme is so large that there are bound to be issues like this, particularly in areas where either there are fewer older people or where there is a lower level of take up. And sometimes practices call people in from the next groups to use up surplus vaccines at a particular time. But please do not be concerned – every area will catch up in a few days time.

Scam Calls

I have had a number of concerns raised about scam calls at the moment – I have experienced some myself. There is a particularly unpleasant fraud trying to convince people that they have to pay for a coronavirus vaccination. You do not. There is also another scam from people trying to claim that they are from BT internet. Please treat all unexpected calls with suspicion and never hand over passwords or bank details to anyone.

Best wishes