Epsom Hospital Update – July 2017

2017-07-10T09:30:43+01:00July 10th, 2017|Epsom Hospital|

Dear constituent

Firstly can I thank all of those who supported me in the recent election campaign. It is a great honour to represent this constituency, and I will continue to do so to the best of my endeavours.

There has been a significant development over the future of Epsom Hospital. The Chief Executive of the Epsom […]

Pay As you Go Ticketing Coming to Epsom

2017-03-27T10:10:28+01:00March 27th, 2017|Local Campaigns, Transport|

Dear constituent

I am writing to you finally with more news about what is happening about Oyster and pay as you go ticketing for Epsom.

As you will recall, I wrote after becoming Transport Secretary to say that I wasn’t simply in a position to introduce changes for my own constituency – the rules rightly do not […]

Ashtead Level Crossing

2019-02-04T12:24:14+01:00February 8th, 2017|Transport|

Update: Ashtead Level Crossing – Planned Renewal Works

I am writing to update you regarding forthcoming renewal work at Ashtead level crossing to improve the long term reliability of our equipment.

We will be carrying out the majority of work at the crossing from 15 to 30 July this year to replace barrier machines, booms (barrier gates) […]

Epsom Hospital Update – November 2016

2016-11-15T10:24:46+01:00November 15th, 2016|Epsom Hospital|

You may have seen yesterday’s press reports about the future of our local hospitals. The articles suggest that Epsom is one of a group of South London hospitals, of which one is expected to be closed completely. This appears to be based on a report by the independent think tank, the Kings Fund, about its […]

Oyster Card Epsom Station

2016-09-08T13:29:46+01:00September 8th, 2016|Transport|

As you will probably know, I was appointed Transport Secretary when Theresa May became Prime Minister in July. Sadly this doesn’t mean that I can automatically order Oyster cards for Epsom and rezone the station – there are strict rules (rightly) to stop Ministers doing pet projects in their own constituency. However the issue is […]

Epsom Hospital Update

2016-09-08T13:26:00+01:00September 8th, 2016|Epsom Hospital|

The Chief Executive continues to argue for a new build hospital on the Sutton Hospital site, with a lot of services integrated with the Royal Marsden next door. His plans would leave outpatient services and planned care, like that provided by the Orthopaedic Centre at Epsom, but would transfer emergency services to Sutton.

As I have […]

Oyster Card – Epsom Station

2016-02-02T11:36:36+01:00February 2nd, 2016|Epsom Station Zone 6|

I had a letter from the Minister just before Christmas confirming that this is being worked on now, and whilst she did not this time give me a timetable for the change, she did promise me that officials are on the case and that it was her intention that it would happen and that she […]

Epsom Hospital Update

2016-02-02T11:33:05+01:00February 2nd, 2016|Epsom Hospital|

You may have read that there are discussions taking place about the future of the stroke unit. The NHS has taken a national decision to have a smaller number of “hyper” stroke units to deal with the immediate impact of stroke. In London there has been a reduction in the number of stroke deaths after […]

Oyster Card – Epsom Station

2016-01-11T16:00:09+01:00January 11th, 2016|Epsom Station Zone 6|

I had been expecting Oyster Cards to arrive in Epsom in September 2015, as told to me by Govia Thameslink, the company that runs the station. Sadly, this didn’t happen – and I am not best pleased. The delay has arisen from complications in introducing Oyster elsewhere on the network which are now being […]