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Chris is one of a group of local people who have established the Save Epsom campaign to put pressure on the Borough council over planning strategy for the town following the controversial redevelopment of the area around Epsom station. The group has held a number of meetings with the Borough and has been instrumental in securing a redrawing of the planning brief for the Upper High Street area. The group includes representatives from local residents organisations, political parties and people living close to the planned redevelopment areas.

“I think the planning authorities made a major mistake in allowing the scale of redevelopment around the station,” says Chris. The area has been changed beyond recognition, and it should never have happened. We have challenged the Council to accept this failure, and to take steps to ensure that nothing like this can happen elsewhere in Epsom. We have to preserve the character of Epsom as a market town just outside London, and not just allow it to become a built up suburban centre like Sutton or Wimbledon. I will fight to keep the character of our area.”