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Local MP Chris Grayling is throwing his weight behind local campaigners opposed to inappropriate development in the town. There are increasing fears that the character of Epsom is in danger of being changed forever if there isn’t a dramatic change to the approach being taken to planning by the Borough Council.

Chris wants to see urgent steps to put together a new local plan which will be specifically designed to protect the character of Epsom as a market town, and prevent it becoming an urban centre like Sutton.

It follows the granting of controversial planning developments like the new building at the station, and council plans to develop the Upper High Street area which involve the demolition of a number of well known buildings. Local councils now have new powers to set rules for local development through revised local plans, and we want to see this happen in Epsom and Ewell as quickly as possible.

Chris said “I’ve been MP for eleven years and I have very very rarely criticised the council. We know that there will need to be new development in the town, But the Council is getting it completely wrong at the moment. The development at the station is much too big for Epsom, and is completely changing the character of that area. It dominates the skyline across the area, and it mustn’t be allowed to happen again.

Epsom is a historic market town. But it is in danger of being ruined by rash, ill-thought out decisions. The council needs a real change of direction, and to do a much better job in setting out to developers what is acceptable and what is not.”