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Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick visited Chris (September 2) to discuss the housing opportunities and challenges in the borough.

Robert Jenrick was given a tour of the beautifully renovated chapel, The Horton, shown innovative housing developemnt proposals and given a tour of the borough.

Mr Jenrick said: “It’s clear that Epsom has a lot going for it, it’s such a thriving community, a very historic place that people want to live in. But it’s also very constrained, with relatively limited opportunities to build new homes.

He doesn not want to see Surrey’s green belt lost to development as he visited the county to discuss how to meet housing targets using “imaginative” methods.

“What Chris and I have been discussing is how can we meet some of the housing needs, help young people and families onto the housing ladder, but do so in a very sensitive manner.

“That does mean imaginative proposals – but really making it clear that we don’t want to see homes being built on the green belt, and that they need to be protected as part of the plan-making progress the council is going to be embarking on.”