Supporting Conservation Development in Africa

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The Coalition Hosts Parliamentary Dinner on Conservation & Development in Africa with Chris Grayling



The Coalition for Global Prosperity was delighted to co-host a private dinner in the House of Commons with the Conservative Friends of International Development (CFID) to discuss how Conservation & Development are two sides of the same coin, and how lifting communities out of poverty has a positive impact on local wildlife and ecosystems.

Guests included The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Andrew Stephenson MP (Minister of State, DFID), Dr Niall McCann (National Park Rescue), Captain Luke Townsend MA, Baroness Anne Jenkin, Jeremy Lefroy MP, Harriet Baldwin MP, Fiona Bruce MP and representatives from civil society.

“DFID and the UK are respected the world over for our expertise in driving sustainable prosperity. Alleviating poverty and protecting the natural environment go hand in hand, and I am proud of the work that DFID does to promote the wellbeing of people and planet across the world.”

— Andrew Stephenson MP, Minister of State, DFID

The dinner, chaired by Theo Clarke, explored the intersections between conservation and development in Africa, and how alleviating extreme poverty has a positive affect on the natural environment. Chris Grayling MP welcomed guests, and then Dr Niall McCann, Andrew Stephenson MP and Captain Luke Townsend provided opening remarks, followed by a chaired discussion.

“I am proud of the critical work that DFID does to protect endangered species and fragile ecosystems across the globe. It is imperative that we work with local communities to ensure sustainable prosperity that lifts communities out of poverty while protecting the natural environment. ”

— Dr Niall McCann

Theo Clarke, Dr Niall McCann

“Alleviating extreme poverty and protecting the natural environment are two sides of the same coin. I am proud that the UK is working with communities across Africa to drive sustainable prosperity and in turn conserve the diversity of our wildlife and ecosystems.”

— Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP


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