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Wemms in Ashtead have helped 11 students who, having been without formal education in year 10, have turned their lives around in year 11.

At Wemms we believe that teaching should be an inspirational experience for all of our students, regardless of age or ability. Every student, properly taught, has the capacity to be inspired by and enjoy Maths. That’s why our teaching team are all Fully Qualified, UK Trained Maths Teachers of Independently Acknowledged Excellence with current classroom experience.

We also believe that it makes sense to teach the same syllabus as the student is studying in school – Japanese methods may have their place in quick recall of fact but true mathematical development depends upon the application of fact to solving real world problems. Maths is a joined up subject, an exquisite communication, and a tool with which we interpret our world.

Individualism and creativity sometimes have a hard time surviving formal education. Students and Teachers have the right to laugh in lessons and we think asking questions is a good thing. We love colour, often play music and underpin concepts with tailor made games and practicals.

We are passionate about Teaching Maths and consider it a great privilege to help our students fulfil their potential – Our aim is to truly motivate and inspire.